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Solutions for Seamless Business Operations

Kidlet simplifies business operations, from managing certifications to tracking and predicting attendance and finances. With intuitive tools owners can streamline compliance, optimize staffing, and make informed decisions effortlessly right from their phones. Experience the difference today!

Empowering Tools: Key Features

Optimize efficiency, ensure compliance, and drive sustainable growth in your programs.

Dashboards and Reporting

Unlock valuable insights with our data tables, effortlessly filtering, sorting, and exporting information on attendance trends, drop-in rates, and accounts receivable. Empower your institution with data-driven solutions for optimized operations and lasting success.

State Subsidy Tracking

Maximize funding opportunities and streamline subsidy tracking. Simplify the process from submission to reimbursement, ensuring transparency and accuracy in managing subsidized programs for eligible students.

Billing and Payments

Effortlessly manage billing and payments with Kidlet's intuitive platform. Parents pay directly through Kidlet's platform when they schedule. Staff can track payments, issue credits, and access account balances—all in one centralized system.

Licensing and Certification Tracking

Ensure compliance and peace of mind by using Kidlet to manage employee certifications and site licenses. Stay ahead of expiration dates with timely alerts and visual reminders, empowering your programs to maintain regulatory standards effortlessly.

Effortless, Secure, and Time-Saving: Kidlet's Advantages

Kidlet offers an intuitive platform that prioritizes ease of use, ensuring that anyone can effortlessly navigate and utilize all of our features. Our efficient automation and streamlined processes help owners save valuable time, allowing them to focus on what’s important: providing exceptional care and educational experiences for children.

Easy to Use

Kidlet's intuitive platform makes it easy for everyone to navigate and utilize its features, ensuring a seamless experience for managing business operations.

Save Time

With streamlined processes and automated functions, Kidlet eliminates manual tasks, saving valuable time for owners and staff.

Secure Information

Rest assured knowing that Kidlet prioritizes data security, keeping all financial and account information safe and protected within a secure platform.

What Our Customers Say About Kidlet

John D., Parent John D., Parent

"As a parent, I love how convenient it is to schedule my child's activities right on my phone. Whether it's signing up for a single day or registering for a club, it's all so simple and hassle-free."

Rachel S., Program Director Rachel S., Program Director

"The safety and attendance features of Kidlet give us peace of mind knowing that we can easily track check-ins, manage incidents, and access medical information whenever needed. It's an invaluable tool for ensuring a secure environment for our students."

Emily T., Program Coordinator Emily T., Program Coordinator

"Kidlet's scheduling feature has been a lifesaver for our busy staff. With just a few taps, we can organize our school programs efficiently, ensuring smooth operations every day."

Mark H., Business Owner Mark H., Business Owner

"The customizable dashboards provide a snapshot of our program's performance at a glance, saving us valuable time and effort in tracking key metrics. Thanks to Kidlet, we're able to run our operations more efficiently and effectively than ever before."

Streamlined Operations

Predict Costs, Manage Employees, and Optimize Efficiency with Kidlet's Solutions

Staffing Ratios

Predict accurate staffing ratios based on attendance tracking, ultimately saving costs.

Site Licenses

Effortlessly handle site licenses with ease using Kidlet’s tracking renewals and state visits reminder features.


Effortlessly manage employee timecards with Kidlet's system, seamlessly exporting data to preferred payroll platforms.

Subsidy Tracking

Simplify state subsidy tracking and student eligibility identification, with transparent reports providing insights into revenue and reimbursements.

Insightful Reporting: Get The Data You Need

Our reporting feature is tailored to provide you with the essential information required for informed decision-making and optimized operations.

Dashboards offer a current, minute-by-minute overview of your program's status, ensuring you're always in the know.
Daily Schedules and Drop-In Counts

Effortlessly track daily drop-in counts and monitor daily schedules- ensuring accurate records and efficient management

Real-Time Check-In/Out Counts

With Kidlet staff can easily monitor who checked students in and out, ensuring accurate attendance records at any point in time

Minute-By-Minute Ratios

Maintain optimal staffing levels without the risk of being understaffed or overstaffed, ensuring efficient operations and saving resources.

Contextual Reports provide information tailored to your current tasks, allowing for more informed efficient decision-making.
Payments and Schedules

Manage payments and schedules effortlessly with Kidlet's intuitive platform, ensuring smooth operations and financial management.

Communication Tracking

Keep track of all messages sent with Kidlet's comprehensive history feature, providing transparency and accountability in communication.

Registration Approval and Remaining To-Do Items

Stay organized and informed about registration status and pending tasks to ensure smooth operations and compliance.

Access comprehensive data tables to efficiently manage large datasets and gain insights into program performance.
Manage Large Data Sets

Easily view, filter, and sort information directly within the app or download it to Excel or Google Sheets for further analysis.

Customized Reports

Kidlet allows you to build custom reports tailored to your specific needs, providing flexibility and control over data analysis.

Emergency Contacts and Medical Information

Quickly generate hard copies of essential records such as emergency contacts and medical information for offline use or documentation purposes.

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