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Solutions for Seamless Site Operations

Kidlet revolutionizes before and after school programs with its intuitive platform.

From seamless oversight of daily operations and attendance to facilitating clear communication between staff and parents, Kidlet enables quick and convenient access to essential information from any device. With Kidlet, staff can focus on what matters most—providing exceptional care and education to the children they serve.

Unlocking Capabilities: Essential Features

Explore Kidlet’s suite of features designed to empower staff and streamline daily operations, ensuring seamless management of crucial tasks and enhancing the overall efficiency of sites

Program Monitoring

Streamline program oversight effortlessly with Kidlet, allowing you to monitor every aspect of daily operations conveniently from any device. Staff can quickly access and provide requested information directly from their phones, ensuring compliance and efficiency.

Safety and Attendance

Prioritize safety and efficiency at each site using Kidlet's comprehensive attendance profiles. Easily access important information such as check ins/outs, account balances, incident reports and critical medical details—all conveniently consolidated in one view.


Kidlet's communication tools facilitate messaging between school sites and parents, ensuring clear and timely communication tailored to individual preferences and languages. By enabling direct and personalized communication, Kidlet strengthens parent-school partnerships and enhances overall engagement.

Family Accounts

With Kidlet's account management system, staff can effortlessly handle essential tasks such as registration, emergency contacts, and payment history. By centralizing these functions, Kidlet ensures efficient operations, allowing staff to focus on providing quality care to children.


Kidlet provides an attendance solution accessible from any device, including smartphones, ensuring that staff can take attendance and monitor counts from anywhere. Our automated processes and easy to use features save valuable time for staff, enabling them to dedicate more attention to delivering exceptional experiences for children.

User-Friendly Design

Kidlet's platform is designed to be easy to use on every device, with clear indicators such as green for 'in' and red for 'out' for quick attendance tracking.

Access Child Information Instantly

With Kidlet, staff can access comprehensive details about each child by simply clicking on their name, including family account information, medical alerts and many other essential details.

Easily Customize Attendance List

Kidlet allows staff members to easily customize attendance list, enabling them to switch between standard after-school and club rosters.

What Our Customers Say About Kidlet

John D., Parent John D., Parent

"As a parent, I love how convenient it is to schedule my child's activities right on my phone. Whether it's signing up for a single day or registering for a club, it's all so simple and hassle-free."

Rachel S., Program Director Rachel S., Program Director

"The safety and attendance features of Kidlet give us peace of mind knowing that we can easily track check-ins, manage incidents, and access medical information whenever needed. It's an invaluable tool for ensuring a secure environment for our students."

Emily T., Program Coordinator Emily T., Program Coordinator

"Kidlet's scheduling feature has been a lifesaver for our busy staff. With just a few taps, we can organize our school programs efficiently, ensuring smooth operations every day."

Mark H., Business Owner Mark H., Business Owner

"The customizable dashboards provide a snapshot of our program's performance at a glance, saving us valuable time and effort in tracking key metrics. Thanks to Kidlet, we're able to run our operations more efficiently and effectively than ever before."

Parent Messaging

Foster stronger parent-school relationships with Kidlet’s effortless parent messaging features. Whether it’s sharing updates, reminders, or emergency notices, Kidlet allows you to send messages directly to families based on their primary language preferences, ensuring effective communication tailored to their needs.

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