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Effortless Enrollment Experience with Kidlet

Explore Kidlet's suite of streamlined registration and scheduling features, including effortless approval processes, user-friendly schedule building, convenient parent access, and seamless registration anytime. From swift approvals to flexible scheduling and quick payments, Kidlet ensures hassle-free enrollment for staff and families alike, fostering efficiency and convenience at every step of the process.

Streamlined Registration and Scheduling Features

Kidlet offers effortless registration approvals, simple schedule building, convenient parent access, and seamless registration anytime, ensuring efficient enrollment processes and hassle-free scheduling experiences for staff and families alike

Effortless Registration Approvals

Staff can swiftly manage last-minute registrations by approving them from any device, avoiding delays in enrollment. Tasks are automatically generated for staff members, facilitating efficient management of incoming registrations, especially during peak periods before the start of the school year.

Simple Schedule Building

With its user-friendly design, Kidlet makes it incredibly fast to create schedules for schools within minutes. Whether you're managing a single site or a thousand locations, Kidlet streamlines the process, allowing you to efficiently create and organize schedules with ease.

Convenient Parent Access

With Kidlet's parent app, families can effortlessly schedule and register for programs from anywhere, anytime, using any device, enjoying the ease of managing each child's activities with just a few taps. This ensures a hassle-free experience for busy parents on the go.

Seamless Registration Anytime

Enjoy the flexibility to open registration antime, allowing parents to secure their child's spot even before schedules are finalized. With Kidlet, parents can easily reserve slots at their convenience, eliminating the need for last-minute rushes or missed enrollments.

Scheduling Made Simple

Designed specifically for before and after school programs, parents can easily manage schedules on-the-go with mobile-friendly options. Whether it’s weekly scheduling, day-to-day options, or registering for clubs, Kidlet offers unparalleled flexibility and convenience.

Simple To Use

Kidlet is designed to resemble the apps parents use daily, ensuring familiarity and ease of use. This intuitive design minimizes frustration for both parents and staff while saving valuable time.

Quick Payments

With Kidlet, parents and guardians can effortlessly create their child’s schedule and make payments in one convenient step, all within the app. This streamlined approach fosters convenience and accessibility for families, ensuring a seamless experience.

Convenient Accessibility

Kidlet provides versatile access options, serving customers across various platforms including iPhone, Android, and any browsers. With support for over 133 languages, the app automatically adapts to the user's phone language settings, ensuring a seamless experience for all.

Effortless Mobile Registration for Parents

With Kidlet’s mobile registration feature, families can conveniently finalize their registrations from anywhere, anytime, ensuring a hassle-free enrollment process.

Effortless Account Management

Once parents create an account, it's securely stored for future registrations. Only necessary updates, such as consents, waivers, and yearly information changes, are required, streamlining the process for busy parents.

Paperless Registration Process

Families can conveniently finalize, submit, and complete payment for registrations directly through their phones, eliminating the need for multiple steps or visits to the schools.

Waitlist Status Updates

Parents and guardians can easily monitor the status of registrations on the waitlist and receive updates as soon as their registration is approved, keeping them informed throughout the process.

Bundle Registration

Families have the flexibility to register and schedule for both after-school days and clubs simultaneously, offering convenience for parents managing multiple activities for their children.

Seamless Registration Management Processes

Kidlet offers a seamless registration experience, allowing parents to sign up for programs at any time, even before final schedules are set. With features like flexible registration open dates and streamlined approval pipelines, staff can efficiently manage incoming registrations from any device, ensuring smooth enrollment processes for all.

Customizable Scheduling Solutions Aligned with Any Business Model

Kidlet offers flexible scheduling options tailored to meet the diverse needs of providers, including day-to-day or weekly schedules, and clubs. With the platform, staff and parents can effortlessly manage both clubs and standard after-school care on the same days, providing convenience and flexibility. Additionally, parents have the freedom to edit scheduled sessions at any time with ease, ensuring a seamless and adaptable scheduling experience.

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